Canan Dagdelen's hanging installation Home Dot

Instanbul Modern Premanent Collection

An element of fancy. A dialectic. The Ottoman view point. A crossroads between easy east and hard west. The legacy of Islamic geometric abstraction beckons. Like most museums in art capitals there are international highlights complemented with works from local artists. At Istanbul Modern I found that the tone of the local work seemed to Read More


Christian Louboutin Istanbul

Glam punk trainers at Christian Louboutin in Nisantase in Istanbul. Rock it with style. Nisantase 4ever.


Michael Clark Company: Barbican Theatre

I knew little about Michael Clark Company when David brought me to the Barbican for his Triple Bill, and kind of expected it to look like a early noughties pop art music video. The next hour or so went from cool and engaging, to consistently Wowed (until the end video with Jarvis Cocker where I Read More


Phylida Barlowe at Tate Britain

Who needs form. Who needs mass. Who needs objects? The vast articles of reason. The material of fate. Arguing for architecture. What happens if it falls on me.


East London retreat day

There is nothing like a rare day off to celebrate with the ladies in East London, the best way to cure any 6 month winter malaise. Cleanse the body and delight the palate with a session at the London Spa York Hall followed by lunch at the Corner Room, amazing food by Nuno Mendes, tucked Read More