Guu the original Vancouver izakaya

by David

Located on Thurlow half a block away from Robson Guu was the original Vancouver Izakaya. Opened way before any of the other popular Japanese grill restaurants it still retains its familiar charm and great tasting food. Greeted through the door with loud yelling Japanese waiting staff and chefs one is ushered into an unassuming cozy restaurant whose central feature is a bar overlooking the cooking grill. Specials are photocopied in hand written Japanese and English translations. Specials include the daily sashimi and other items from the grill.

I had the beef tataki, followed by grilled black cod and a tuna negitoro sashimi. All very tasty and beautifully presented. Sake and Japanese beers are on tap. Reasonably priced and open late, a great classic is the Kimchi fried rice.

Go to Guu.

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